Triage Modernized

New Methods For Customer Triage

Triage 101 - Since CDA Software v.10, we have separated ourselves from all other BMS software applications when it comes to customer Triage. Listed below are methods that companies are now implementing to achieve accurate and quicker turn-around times for customer triage.

When you receive an automated dispatch into your system more than likely the description of the problem is incomplete or inaccurate. This is now a solvable problem with CDA.

In the past getting a hold of your customer to verify information for the triage process was next to impossible , this meant in most cases you would just run the call and hope for best. Hope and wasted trips cost you precious dollars, along with wasted scheduling slots.

Now with CDA Pidgins Text messaging, from the moment your dispatch arrives you start the conversation with your customer (fully automated). Now let's look at what's available to you.

- When the first text message is sent, you can request the following from your customer.

- Ask the customer for a description of "what is really wrong with your unit"?

- Have them take a picture of the model/serial tag.

- Have them take a picture of what's wrong with the unit.

- Have them take a video of what's wrong with the unit.

- All of this is done using a mobile phone.

- All text conversations with your customer are fully documented in the Claim , so all departments have access to text conversations.

What does your customer get out of it? A lot!

From the moment they get the first text message from your company, they'll realize you're ahead of the curve. Not only are you engaging them in a text conversation, but you're allowing them to tell you what's really wrong with the unit. They know more than anyone what the facts about the issue they are experiencing.

Once a customer realizes they are apart of the repair process to help expedite it, more than likely, the customer is eager to help everyone involved to get to a repair resolution as quickly as possible.

Triage Conversation - This is precisely the type of conversation your customers are hoping you'll have with them. A discussion like this would never happen if you called, or emailed them.

What just happened?

The whole Triage process and customer scheduling were done with a few back-and-forth text messages.

The entire texting conversation was managed by the CDA Pidgins application. CDA Pidgins implements a "Unified Inbox" approach so everyone in your company can view and respond to all incoming text messages as they happen.

Lastly, this conversation will be view-able directly from the CDA Claim for anyone to view at a later date/time.

Benefits for the Front Office and Remote Technicians!

All uploaded images / videos are available to both the front office and mobile technicians within the attachments area of any specific Claim.

An added benefit is that while your agents are using the desktop CDA Pidgins app, to add a picture / video to a Claim is just 1-click; all they do is right-click the image and select "add to attachments." Once they do that that image is automatically added to the Claim and available for everyone to view.

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