Message Center

Internal communication for your Company.

The CDA Message Center is broken down into two main components.

• You can use the Message Center while in a Claim.

• You can use the Message Center as a standalone while in the CDA Desktop application.

>>> Both allow for seamless communication across your company, as well as managing important Claim communication.

Best of you all, you no longer need to email employees within your company to follow up on a Claim. The CDA Message Center is always there for you to have immediate access while in a Claim, or even while in the CDA desktop application, you will always have access to send a message to any CDA user that a Claim needs to be followed up, or you can even send an employee a personal message about a specific Claim or topic matter.

• While you are in a Claim, simply click on the "Message Center" tab, and select "Send New Message" to send any CDA user a message about that particular Claim.

• View the history of all messages that have been sent for that specific Claim.

• View, whether messages sent, have been read or not.

• Messages can be sent to as many recipients as you want.

• "Alert Date" is used as a reminder even after a message has been read.

• Priority level flagging for messages, (Low | High | Urgent).

• No longer are customer concerned emails buried in an employee Inbox; each time a CDA user logs into their account, if they have a "New" message they will be alerted.

• The CDA Message Center desktop standalone allows for quick communication at the Claim level, and personal messaging level for Claim topics.

• When you log into CDA, you are quickly prompted to Urgent and Unread messages in your Message Center.

• If you have the correct permission, you can even review other employee messages to make sure they are not falling behind.

• Not only do you have the same features while in a Claim message center, but you can also archive your messages.

• View/Open a Claim while in the Message Center.

• Text the customer directly while in the Message Center.

•Archive (save) messages and view Achieve (save) Folder.

• You can even message all CDA users by using the "Select All or Reply to All" feature.

Conclusion - As you can see, there are many methods available to you so that you can reduce the number of emails you send to employees, while at the same time reducing Inbox overflow for customers that need immediate attention.

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