Cancellation List

A Powerful Tool For Your CSR Department

CSR Department - When a customer requests to be put on a cancellation list, there are two types of list.

- Next Available

- Preferred Date

All a CSR agent does is click on the check-box called "Cancellation List."

- They will either select 'preferred date' or 'next available'

- From there the agent will choose the time-band as well (AM, PM, ALL DAY)

CSR Customer Experience - Now your CSR agent will explain to the customer that they will get a confirmation Text message stating they have been put on a cancellation list and that their claim has been documented with the cancellation request as well.

They will also let the customer know that as soon as an opening is available, they will be contacted directly by your routing manager.

Automated TXT message after the cx has been put on the cancellation list.

Routing Manager - When a cancellation occurs, the routing manager will just right click the schedule for that day and select "awaiting cancellation ." From there they will be shown a list of calls that are in that particular area. They will also be shown the color-coded timeband the cx's have requested as well. From there the route manage will Text the customer directly to see if they would like to be on the schedule for the following day.

Once the cx has confirmed, and the routing manager has put them on the schedule, the cx will be sent an automated text message to confirm the appointment.

Routing Department Customer Experience - Your customer speaks directly with your routing department. All conversations are documented in the Claim comments, and once they are put on the schedule, they are sent an automated Text confirming the appointment.

Automated TXT message after the cx has been put on the schedule.

Conclusion - Managing a cancellation list has never been so simple. With the click of a few buttons each department can manage the cancellation list, along with customer notifications being fully automated.

To see a report of your cancellation list at any point, just pull the report from the "reports" menu.

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