Scheduling Dashboard

So Many Great Tools To Keep Your Schedule Full.

The CDA Scheduler Dashboard is broken down into three main components.

• View all Jobs, organized as color-coded per Technician Route.

• Right-Click a Job, and perform 1 of 24 available actions associated with that job/scheduler.

• View & Optimize route on a map, GPS Technician tracking, and automatic customer TXT notification of next day appointment.

• Each Technician route is color-coded, so you can quickly visualize each route at a simple glance.

• View Job order and the number of slots per job that are taken.

• Know whether a job is missing parts or not before you run the call.

• Automatic updating of Technician "Arrival" & "Departure."

• Automatic updating of Technician Job Claim status as they complete each call on the route for the day.

• Secondary Technician jobs are identifiable.

• Priority jobs are identifiable.

• See how many Jobs & Slots are are being run on scheduled date.

• Rearrange calls with a simple right-click

• Reassign a job to another Technician with a simple right-click.

• Add a "Secondary Technician" to a job with a simple right-click.

• Text both the Customer & Technician with a simple right-click.

• Copy/Cut a job from one calendar date to another with a simple "paste."

• A canceled job is replaced with a simple right-click from the "Awaiting Cancellation List."

• Add a new job to the route schedule with a simple right-click.

• Technician GPS tracking view-able on the map with a simple right-click.

• View all Technician routes in color-coded visual aid, as well as seeing all jobs dispatched.

• View all Technician's GPS Tracking with a simple 1-Click button.

• Route optimization takes into account customer requested time-band slots.

• Quick visual aid of where "Awaiting Cancellation List" calls are within each route territory.

Conclusion - As you can see, there are many methods available to you so that you can keep your schedule as full as possible. The ability to grab from the "Cancellation List" in real-time after a call has been canceled, is one example of how CDA excels in keeping your company as profitable as possible.

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