CDA Training Center

Two-part series on how to quickly get started with In-House Sub-Status. (The days of low billing are a thing of the past.)

You now have access to tools that allow you to Triage in ways you've never imagined possible.

What you and your Technicians need to know to successfully enable GPS tracking on your mobile device.

Quick steps for getting your CSR department up and running using the CDA Cancellation List feature.

Your Routing department has never had so many tools available to them to keep your schedule full.

Internal communication within CDA so you can manage all your Claims without having to send emails to everyone in your company.

Reports are a critical function for all businesses to remain profitable, for this reason, CDA Reports are broken down into 6-categories to assist you.

Imagine having the ability for your Technician to | Complete | In-Complete | Re-Schedule A Job based upon guided steps. Let's learn how it works.